Streamline your entire production with Lumberjack Systems integrated suite of logging and pre-editing tools

Lumberjack Builder

The Ultimate Solution for text-based video editing for productions that rely heavily on transcripts.

Come for the free transcripts, and write great stories with our superior workflows.

Builder is a video editor like Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro, that was designed to write stories from multiple transcripts using transcripts to edit text and video at the same time.

Builder is a hybrid of word processor and video editor combined! It's faster for transcript based workflows than other editing systems like Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro or Media Composer.

Text and video are always linked so you can go from scanning text to observing nuance, instantly, anywhere in Builder.

Optimized for Radio Cuts from transcripts for Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro

Organize your media where it's familiar - Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro, then write your stories in Builder with the speed and convenience of using text to edit your video, then finish back in the NLE your of choice.

Builder's text-centric workflow is the perfect complement for the visually focused traditional editing tools.

On import to Builder, clips are transcribed for free and aligned with the video clips, audio clips, synchronized or multicam clips inside Builder.

Edit with the simplicity of a word processor, export edited video to Premiere Pro, Blackmagic Resolve or Final Cut Pro.

Create Stories Faster

Builder's story building and keyword tagging tools cut the time to a rough cut (a.k.a. radio cut) in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

Unlimited Free Transcription

Transcripts are FREE! Yes, when you import Clips to Builder, and aligned with the video. Free and unlimited transcripts completely within Builder. Your audio and video media are secure because they never leave the app on your device,

Builder speaks your language

Video and Text: the best of both worlds

In Builder, words and video are always connected. Text is faster to review and keyword tag, but for nuance you need the video. In Builder they are always linked together to preview clips or Stories at any time.

Powerful Search Tools

Find specific comments, keyword tags, people... just about any combination of search terms. For example, "Did Jada say the words "climate change" anywhere?

Familiar Collaborative Workflows

Builder NLE supports industry standard workflows between assistants and editors and between editors and producers or preditors. Assistants can prepare new clips and send to the editor or predator, without interfering with the current edit in progress.

Every Output You Want

Send your Logging or Stories directly to Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro instantly, or zip it send to someone else. Output PDFs of the script, text files for Story and voiceover script, or send an MP4 to your favorite review service or to an editor or producer.

No Conform Ever

Throughout Builder video playback is always with you. Play a clip or a range of paragraphs in a Clip or your entire Story. Export direct to Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro with no conform delays.

Works with Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro

Tight Two-way integration with Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro including Multicam Clips

Automatic Closed Caption on every Story

Every story returned to FCP includes Closed Captions from the transcripts with no extra effort.

Edit in Languages You Don't Speak

Innovative users have aligned an English translation of a foreign language and successfully edited a show in a language they can’t speak by linking an English translation to the original language media. The video is always available for nuance.

The Editing Tools You'd Expect

Familiar text and video editing tools. Simply type text corrections or to add punctuation. JKL monitoring with pitch correction and full Insert and Append editing.

Document Based for Easy Archiving and Sharing

When the show wraps, Builder documents can be filed with the other production assets: always local, never in the cloud. Documents are easily passed around between assistants, editors and producers.

Never Record a Temp Voice Over Again

Builder uses the System Voice and Language to generate temporary voice overs without any microphones or recording. Export a script of all the Voice Over components for professional recording.

Flexible Media Suport

From MP4 to ProRes, most professional format are native supported or with proxies. Media never needs to be uploaded.

Take Your Project with You with Proxy Media

If you need to work outside the studio, or share media across the web, then send take or send small proxy files and continue working. The stories will always link to the original media in FCP or PP.

Fast and Flexible Keyword Tagging

Tagging keywords while reading transcripts is at least three times faster than watching the video. Easier keywording is better keywording. 

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