Working Remotely or  with Proxy/Optimized  Media


Working Remotely

If Builder is on the same workstation or shared storage as the FCP X Library, it will automatically link to the media and play it, as long as it is a media format supported by AVFoundation. (See below for other media support.) If the Story Editor, Producer or other Builder users wants to work remotely, without access to the FCP X Library or media pool, there are options.


The first option is to work without media. Once the XML has been imported and linked to the transcripts, the media is not necessary for metadata entry or story building. All features (other than media playback) function correctly and the edited story will link to the original media back in FCP X.


The second is to work with proxy media. This can be the proxy media generated in FCP X or it can be a custom proxy format (that the editor or assistant editor would create in compressor.  Builder has a "Connect Transcoded Media" option to link temporary media played by Builder during the story building process.


IMPORTANT: Proxy media can only be connected after Transcripts have been aligned with the Clips.


Under the Builder menu is an item called Connect Transcoded Media.



If you’ve got proxies in any supported format, in an external folder or in the Library bundle, you select that folder or Library bundle and it runs through the subfolders looking for .mov or .mp4 files that are different to the current file for the text range. Then based on looking for matching file names it will connect the text range’s audio and video to the new media instead of the original.


Since it’s looking for whatever.mov then it can be used for either Optimized media, or Proxy media, or anything you’ve generated out of Compressor or elsewhere. The only criteria is it has to have a matching file name, and end in .mov, mp4, ore m4a, which makes it pretty useful beyond just Proxies! Builder will happily work with audio only proxies.


The database hangs on to the location of the original assets though, so that if you get the document back and export to FCPX it will point to the clips that you imported from the original XML file. (If these have moved you can always relink in FCPX…)


Unsupported Media

The Builder media player does not support camera formats that require a Final Cut Pro X plug-in, like R3D or Canon C300 files. You can still work in Builder by creating and using either Optimized or Proxy media, or working without the media. You can link transcripts to clips even for formats that don't play in Builder, which needs to be done before Builder will Connect to Transcoded Media.


The "Connect Transcoded Media"  function allows you to use different media in the Builder video player, such as FCP X proxy, optimized or your own settings, instead of to the originals that were imported from the XML


Under the Builder menu is an item called Connect Transcoded Media.


The requirements and workflows are the same as for working remotely.

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