Sports Analysis and Record

The game (or today’s coaching) is over. Using Lumberjack System, the coaching team will have access to string-outs for:

  • All the plays by a single player
  • All the instances of each play from game or coaching session
  • in just minutes after the game or practice finishes.

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For real-time editing of major sporting events, Lumberjack supports growing media files.

Results Immediately after the Match or Practice

The video is imported to your NLE in the normal manner for your camera, and make multicam clips (if appropriate).

XML from Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro  is exported and processed in the macOS Lumberyard app.


Within a few minutes of the end of the game or practice, the coach and team have immediate video timelines edited into plays (a timeline of all instances of each play), and players (All the plays by a single player), for analysis.

What Happens During the Match or Practice
Creating Play or Player String-outs across the Season

As you build a Library or Project of games or practice sessions, you can export XML of the logged Bins/Events back to Lumberyard, and build those player - or play - string-outs across the season, using Lumberyard's Story Mode.

Story mode works the same as String-outs from a single day's practice or play, but takes the logging done day-by-day and applies the same logic to create Play and Player String-outs from across the season. In seconds.

Lumberjack for Sports - In Detail

If you video games or practice sessions, imagine having all the plays from each player strung out in a timeline, or all the instances of each play set out in order in a timeline, within a few seconds of capturing the video into Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro.

All it takes is to have an assistant click a few checkboxes during the game and the video will be organized by location, plays and players, as well as having those timeline string-outs I mentioned.

Have an assistant set up the locations, players and the plays you want to track beforehand using a convenient computer with a full size keyboard.

You'll only need this done once as you can reuse the same information week after week.

With the Lumberjack Event loaded on  any iPhone or iPad an assistant coach,  (or even a student who knows the players and plays) and you're ready to start logging.

During the practice or match, a few simple clicks on the keyword checkboxes is all that's needed.

Don't worry that you don't know a play is happening until it's underway or even finished. Lumberjack has the neat ability to back-time to the beginning of the play, when the play is over. Simply set the back-time to 10 or 30 seconds and the start time will be at the start of the play.

Once the practice or game is over, the footage is imported to your NLE normally, and then XML is exported to the Lumberyard application where the plays and player keyword ranges that were logged are matched with the footage information in the XML using the time-of-of day from both.

In Lumberyard creating string-outs for people will give you a timeline with all the plays by every player, and clicking on string-outs for activities will do the same for the plays

Back in your NLE  there will be a new, fully logged event, with folders for the Location, People, and activities, plus the timeline string-outs for each player and activity, which are your plays.

That’s Lumberjack System. We’re sure it will save you time, give you better tools to help improve your team, and save a heap of money.