Pricing and Membership

There are three options for purchasing a Lumberjack Membership: one month with no commitment for $25; monthly for twelve months for $15 a month, or a full year for $150.

You will need to sign-in to your membership at Lumberjack System. Create you free membership and one month trial here.

Continue Membership after Trial or Renew Membership

If you're at the end of the free membership, you can continue benefiting by reopening your membership, or if your membership has lapsed you can restart access at any time:

Sign in to Lumberjack System at with your Manager email and password.

Click one of the blue "Buy" buttons to buy an Annual Membership or access for one Month.

Enter your card number, expiration month/year, and CVC number, and click the blue Pay button.

Note: The $15.00 a month Membership is for a minimum 12 month commitment. If you don't want to make the commitment, buy one month access for $25.

Your account is given the roles Manager, Logger and Post Production. From here you can add or remove users.

Change Credit Card Details
Cancel Account

You account will automatically cancel at the end of the membership period if you signed up for

  • a free month,
  • Month ad hoc,
  • or Annual.

If you pay by these methods you will need to Restart Access to continue to use Lumberjack System.

The $9.99 monthly Membership will continue until canceled. The cancellation option becomes available once the 12 month initial commitment is complete.

Log into your account in the web application as the Manager user

Follow the link to Manage Users. Once the initial 12 month period is complete the Accounts & Users will change to:

Click the Cancel Membership link, and cancel the account. 
The account will be canceled at the end of the period already paid for.

If you have any questions or problems canceling, please contact [email protected]