Transcript Formats

Transcript Formats

As well as Transcripts ordered inside the app, Builder NLE can use transcripts from other sources and add them to Clips, Synchronized Clip and Multicam Clips.

Builder is flexible enough to use most document formats. It is fully Unicode based so supports all languages for transcripts.

The more frequent the time stamps, the more accurate the synchronization with clips will be.

We recommend Transcripts be ordered within Builder using "Add to Batch" but we support other formats as noted below. Any inaccuracy in external transcripts can be corrected by Trimming Clips.

Transcript Document Formats

Document Formats

The transcript documents can be either .txt, .rtf, .rtfd, .doc, .docx, or a mixture of these. There are many providers of transcripts, but many do not provide sufficient time stamps for Lumberjacks' needs.

Time Stamps

Most “industry standard” timecode-stamped transcriptions can be used, including files with timecode or time stamps at the start of every text range, or where the time stamps are mid-text range. The more time stamps in the transcript, the more accurate the lock between media and transcript will be.

The media can have either SMPTE timecode or count up from zero. Builder can recognize timecode or time stamps in various formats separated by “:” or “;” or “.” and optionally surrounded by square brackets []. For example: 01:23:45 or 01:23:45:21 or 1:23:45 or 1.23.45 or 1:23:45.420


Builder also looks for named speakers in uppercase text in the transcript. These can be separated on their own line or at the head of the transcript as either SPEAKER NAME:transcript text... or SPEAKER NAME:transcript text... or SPEAKER NAME:transcript text...  The colon after speaker name is important,

Formatted Transcript Example
Transcript Recommended Formats by Provider


Take1 Transcription have the option for "Lumberjack Ready" transcriptions. Contact one of Take 1's production team to walk you through the process:

Sarah Ranfone

Tully Satre

Rebecca Simpson: [email protected]

or call on 855.958.2531 (US) or 0800 085 4418 (UK) have a dedicated format for Builder. In Export Options, select Lumberjack Ready.


From SpeedScriber export "Plain Text with Time stamps > Start of Sentence." SpeedScriber does not add the ":" at the end of the speaker name, so you will need to open the exported transcript into a text editor, and replace each "Name" with "Name:"  Repeat for each name.

From Rev export Captions > SRT.


Speechmatics is supported from within Builder. Select Add to Batch.


From Trint, export "Entire Transcript > Word Document." You will need to remove the title at the top of the transcript before importing to Builder. Trint only provides one time stamp per paragraph in this export, so we recommend creating shorter paragraphs in Trint before exporting.


The Word output format would work for Builder. You would need to manually remove the heading/title information from the top of the document before importing it into Builder.


In the absence of a specific recommendation SRT (Captions) should work for Builder.