16th Street Church History Film

Oral History Project

When Scott Simmons reviewed Bulder NLE at Pro Video Coalition it was in the context of a project for 16th Street Church capturing the stories of members of the congregation for a film being produced about the Church.

The idea was to have me, as the editor, set up a system where we could take interviews, have them transcribed and then have the director/writer take these interviews and write the script for the museum's film. The hope was to give the director/writer an easy to use interface to go through hours of interviews and get them in a radio edit that I could take and build upon for the film.

After going through the project with Builder NLE, Scott pays us the ultimate compliment:

Perhaps the ultimate Builder compliment is this: using it for the creative storytelling part of the edit was such an excellent way to work that I kept wanting Builder to do more and more, so we could do more and more within Builder before ever sending the script to Premiere Pro CC!

And a little later:

It's quite a joy to build your script using transcribed text right next to the video clips with which they are associated. Consider this a holy grail of editing talking head interviews.
Lumberjack Builder comes from veterans of the film and video post-production space. The creators use it, support it, support the industry, talk to customers and continually make all their products better. That's a vendor I think we all should support.

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