Logging Mode

Builder Logging Mode: Edit Text, Set Rating, Keywords and Paper Color, Trim Clips and Manage Keywords

The first screen that displays when Builder opens is the Logging window. Here you can play Clips and Transcripts in three different ways; edit text, add Keywords and Paper Color, and trim imported transcripts to better align with the media.

Play (JKL), Split and Merge Text Ranges

With a text range selected you can play by pressing: the play button, the space bar, J, K, or L keys (although L won't do much at the start of a clip). Multicam Clips will play the active angle selected in your NLE when the XML was exported.

A text block is a Keyword Range

You can split a clip into two text ranges/keyword ranges by inserting the cursor and pressing RETURN on the keyboard.

You can merge contiguous text ranges by selecting the two (or more) text ranges to be and clicking on Merge Selected

You can merge a selected text range with the following text range by pressing ]

You can merge the selected text range with the previous text range by pressing [

When you merge text ranges the new joined text range retains all People and Keywords from all the original text ranges.

IMPORTANT: If you have trimmed a text range and added it to a Story, or have trimmed a text range in a Story, and you merge that text range with an adjacent one in Transcript View, the instances of that text range in a Story, or all Stories, will also have the additional, merged, transcript and associated audio and video.

If you split a text range in one story, the split text ranges will be used in all other stories that use that text ranges. The story will be the same (unlike with merging text ranges) but will comprise two or more contiguous text ranges to keep the story intent the same.

Playback Options

In Transcript Mode Builder has three playback options:

  • Play Whole Clip, when the Clip is selected in the Event Clip List. No transcript is required.
  • Play Selected, plays one or more selected text ranges as one clip for playback. Text ranges do not have to be continuous if you select with a Command Click.
  • Play Through, plays through the transcript from the selected paragraph until playback is stopped.

For Playback the Space Bar will start and stop playback, while JKL behave as expected. High speed scrub supports pitch corrected audio during playback.

Edit Text

There are no restrictions on editing text.

  • Select the text to edit and type in the replacing text.
  • Similarly you can add punctuation as you would normally.
  • There are no special tools for punctuation or editing.
  • Speakers/People are named in the People field (Command + p)
Set Rating, Keywords and Paper Color

Each text block can have an unlimited number of content Keywords. Each text block is a Keyword range.

The People field is also a Keyword Range.

Select the People field with Command + p.

Select the Keywords field with Command + k.

When multiple text ranges are selected, adding a Person or Keyword adds these to the existing values. If you wish to remove unneeded Keywords, use the Keyword Manager to do it globally.

Each text range can have a "paper color" applied to identify the person speaking in that text range, selected from the Paper Color pop-up menu. Paper Color will be applied to the selected Text Range(s).

Trim Clips to Transcript

With transcripts that have only infrequent time stamps, there can be some inaccuracies at the text range boundaries. You can click the "Show Trimming" button to trim the head or tail of the clip, relative to the transcript.

It is never necessary to trim Transcripts that have been ordered through Builder NLE.

Trim to Head/Tail

When a text range is selected, and the Playhead is not at the start or end of the Clip, you can trim the Head, or Tail, of a text range to the current Playhead position, without activating Trimming.

With the Playhead in the position you want:

  • Trim the Head to the current Playhead by clicking Trim Head, or press Option + [
  • Trim the Tail to the current Playhead by clickign Trim Tail, or press Option + ]

Note: If you attempt to trim more than half the duration you will be warned and given a chance to cancel.

Manage Keywords


Builder includes a powerful, global (to the document) Keyword Manager. Keywords can be deleted without affecting other applied keyword ranges. Keywords can be merged by dropping the correct keyword on the incorrect one.

The Keyword Manager can open Keywords from Lumberjack System's web application and use those to update keywords in this document.