Lumberyard Help

Using the Lumberyard macOS App

The Lumberyard macOS app is used by one person (editor or assistant editor) to add the logged Keywords to Clips from your NLE, as well as to make selects String-outs (pancake timelines) from either dailies, or previously logged media.

A Lumberyard is where logs are processed!

  • Start by downloading the Lumberyard app.
  • Sign in with a Post Production or Manager User ID and password.
  • If there are no account details the Account Preference Pane will open and you can enter User Name and Password.
  • Click Save to Keychain so you don't have to repeat the process.

You can change the User directly in the Preference pane.

IMPORTANT: Lumberyard is a pre-editing tool that accepts AV Clips, Audio- or Video-only Clips, Multicam Clips or Synchronized Clips. As a pre-editing tool it does not process:

  • Sequences from Premiere Pro, nor
  • Compound Clips, Projects or Auditions from Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X: Metadata View

The Lumberjack Metadata View for Final Cut Pro X provides more Time information than the default Metadata View.

Install the Metadata View from the Lumberyard Help menu.

Select the Metadata View from the pop-up menu in the Inspector.

Final Cut Pro X: Drag and Drop

Final Cut Pro X supports Drag and Drop of one or more Events, or a Library, for logging or story mode.

  • Select one or more Events (or a Library), click and start dragging.
  • Immediately press Command + Tab to move to the Lumberyard interface, and drop the Event(s) on the Lumberyard interface.

This is an alternative to exporting and importing XML for Final Cut Pro X only.