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Lumberjack System consists of three Logging apps – iOS Logger, noteLogger and backLogger, the unique Builder NLE for editing video with transcripts, and a web app to tie it all together and manage Membership and Users.

Unlimited access to the entire Lumberjack Integrated System for unlimited projects and unlimited Team Members costs $15 per month with a commitment to 12 monthly payments, $150 annual in advance, or $25 per month without a commitment, but our crazy marketing people will let you have full access for FREE for one month because they are convinced you will love it.

That’s like giving you FREE money. If you only Live Log one hour of footage in that month, it’s like we gave you $180! If you just do one conform from your Builder Story to the NLE Timeline, it’s like a $500 gift.

Builder includes free, unlimited transcription in 16 languages. There are a total of 50 languages available through a third party via Builder for 25c per minute. Free, unlimited transcription in the app is included in the trial membership

To access paid transcripts in Builder go to Add/Update Card and add a credit card. Transcripts ordered within builder are delivered approximately 2x faster than real time, at 25c per minute. You can bring transcripts from other sources as long as the formatting is compatible.

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