Education, Medical, Legal

Lumberjack System is perfect for logging video shot of lectures, operations or depositions: all situations where the content of large amounts of video needs to be logged so that the content can be found and repurposed.

Lumberjack’s simple interface means that a teacher’s assistant, technical assistant, paralegal, or medical assistant can log the lecture, examination, deposition, or operation.

Fully logged media is more valuable because it makes it easier to find and extract subject-specific content.

For example: From one or more depositions, paralegals can use Lumberjack’s Lumberyard to string together all the references to a specific event or legal point.

Or use Lumberyard’s Story Mode to extract stages of an operation over a semester.

Or take the logs from the lectures and input them to your educational content management system. (Some integration work may be required.)

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Lumberjack in Action: stories from real world projects