Proxy or Editing Media

Proxy or Editing Media

If Builder is on the same system or SAN, then it will use the media on the file paths from the XML. If that media is unavailable, or the media is a format not supported by Builder, then you can used Preview media (or no media) for Builder.

When sent back to the NLE, the original media will be used.

Preview Media for Working Remotely
Preview Media for Unsupported Media Formats

The Builder media player does not support camera formats that require an NLE plug-in for Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro, like R3D or certain Canon files. You can still work in Builder by creating and using either Optimized or Proxy media, or working without the media. The proxy media can be used for generating transcriptions from within Builder.

Builder supports many more codecs and formats if Apple's Pro Video Codecs. Premiere Pro users may need to download the trial of Final Cut Pro X from the Mac App Store, to authorized the codec install.

You will also need to create an M4A audio if your original media is MP3. MP3 is not supported in Builder.

The "Connect to Preview Media" function under the Builder menu, allows you to use different media in the Builder video player, such as FCP X proxy, optimized or your own settings, instead of to the originals that were imported from the XML.

The requirements and workflows are the same as for working remotely.