Faster Together Stage

Fast Turn Live Event

At the Faster Together Stage NAB 2019, editor Chris Fenwick was challenged with cutting interstitial pieces for display on stage, that were shot at the event immediately before it started.

I could not have pulled this off without Lumberjack System. Their Live Logging made the quick turn possible.

The shoot was supposed to start with the doors opening, but ultimately only started an hour before the event, with a crew interviewing arriving guests and Live Logging with Lumberjack the standard series of questions.

The first turn-over of media happened only 30 minutes before the show, with the first piece needed 15 minutes into the show. The second turn-over of media was only minutes before the show started.

In a presentation at the 2019 FCP X Creative Summit, Chris explained that they were unsure ahead of the event if it could even work, and yet the first piece was ready long before required.

Literally, Lumberjack should have got the pay check because it did 75% of the work for me.

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