Essential Downloads and Links

There are a number of components you need for Lumberjack System.


Builder is a text driven video and audio editor for building stories from transcripts. Editing the text edits the video. Download Lumberjack Builder NLE

Read the Builder Help for operational details.

Web App

The Web App is accessed from any browser at: (or click the Sign In button at the top of any Lumberjack web page).

The Web Logger is also used to create Events, to manage the account, and managing Logger and Post Production users.

iOS Logger

The iOS Logger works on iPads and iPhones and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Operational details for the iOS Logger in the Live Logging Help.


The Lumberyard macOS application is used to merge XML from your NLE with the logs. Download Lumberyard

Read the Lumberyard Help for operational details.


The backLogger app can be used to log library or achive footage into Lumberjack System. Download backLogger

Operational details for backLogger are in the Live Logging Help.


The noteLogger app is for those who want more extensive log notes with their Keyword Ranges. Download noteLogger

Operational details for noteLogger are in the Live Logging Help.