Have I Got News For You (In lockdown)

Logging Remotely During Lockdown

UK Prime Time BBC1 Series "Have I got news for you" was pushed to a new workflow for their 59th Season that included Lumberjack Real Time Logging and Final Cut Pro X. Editor for the series, James Branch, said that Lumberjack System was:

"an Essential part of the workflow."

Normally, Have I got news for you" is a studio based panel show with an audience, but that wasn't possible for Season 59, which adopted a remote workflow with each contributor recorded professionally in isolation and co-ordinated of a Zoom Conference.

In an article at FCP.co James is quoted as saying:

I would watch the feed in one window, follow the running order of the show in another, and also log sections of the show and key moments using Lumberjack System's Logger. On TX9 I was watching a Zoom feed (and recording it) and used Lumberjack's noteLogger app with is faster and more responsive than the browser based logger."

Live Logging allowed him to "quickly navigate around the recording," which was generally three and a half hours long.

Read the full article at FCP.co. Images courtesy of James Branch and FCP.co

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