Scott Simmons Reviews Builder NLE

Editor and writer Scott Simmons reviewed Builder NLE for Pro Video Coalition co-incident with Premiere Pro support. It’s a very deep review built around a real project for 16th Street Church and collaborative workflow between Director and Editor.

From the review:

 I think you’ll find the way Builder interfaces with text different from some of the more straight-up automated transcription tools. It’s about way more than just transcribing your text which is why it’s called Builder. You’re building something from that text not just trying to get a transcription. 

Lumberjack Builder could just as easily be called Scripter as that’s the ultimate goal, a script that you can then send to your NLE as a timeline.

And the ultimate compliment:

Perhaps the ultimate Builder compliment is this: using it for the creative storytelling part of the edit was such an excellent way to work I kept wanting Builder to do more and more so we could do more and more within Builder before ever sending the script to Premiere Pro!

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