Builder NLE and Adobe’s new Captions Panel and Transcription Workflow

At Adobe Max 2020, Adobe announced an overhaul to the Captions Panel that will, in a future upgrade, use a cloud service to transcribe Sequences to create Captions for the new Captions Panel and dedicated Caption Track.

While this is a great upgrade for Premiere Pro users it doesn’t change the workflow with Builder NLE at all.

The new workflow is for Captions where there are none in a Sequence. Sequences (will be able to) be transcribed automatically, and intelligently broken into Caption length segments that can be easily edited with familiar tools. There is no announced ability to transcribe Clips in Bins, just Sequences.

If you work with Builder NLE you get an .srt file for use in Premiere Pro. Those .srt files continue to be supported for import and conversion to the new Caption track in Premiere Pro. The Builder workflow doesn’t change.

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