Lumberjack Cofounder to Speak at the 2020 FCP X Global Virtual Summit (Discount included)

Following on from last week’s presentation at Post|Production World, Lumberjack System Cofounder Philip Hodgetts will be presenting two sessions at this year’s FCP X Global Virtual Summit, in place of the in person FCP X Creative Summit of previous years.

This years Global Virtual Summit will give people around the world to participate without the need to travel, although we will miss the in person socializing of the Cupertino Event. Because we want as many people to join in as possible, Lumberjacks get a 50% discount on the – already reasonable – $199 registration fee!  Click this link and register.

Lumberjack System is also proud to be a Platinum Sponsor and will be presenting these two sessions during the conference.

For More Efficient Storytelling, move the Logging out of the Edit Bay

Take the tedium out of logging?

Yes, you should be logging everything. And yes, it’s tedious to do after the shoot. The obvious answer is to log during the shoot, so in this session you’ll learn how modern digital tools make traditional workflows more efficient. 

In this dynamic session you’ll learn 

  • The many benefits of well logged footage
  • How digital tools make live logging easier than written notes
  • How to use live logging to generate story ideas, automatically
  • What live logging tools are appropriate for different types of production
  • The incredible savings in time and money from live logging.

If you want more time to concentrate on the creative work (or spend it with your family) then moving logging out of the edit bay is the solution. 

Ideal for Producers, Story Editors and Editors who want to reduce costs while delivering a higher quality product.

Beyond Transcripts: Using Text to Edit audio and video

Production Transcripts are great, but they’re hard to work with in FCPX.

It’s the golden age of transcripts, but transcripts are not the goal. The Story is the goal and production transcripts are just the first step. There is a better way to work with transcripts that combines text editing with video editing in a new type of NLE.

In this focused session you’ll learn:

  • The past: Transcript limitations in FCP X
  • The future: A new way to work with transcripts
  • Whether human or artificial intelligence transcripts are best
  • Tutorial: Working with Lumberjack Builder NLE for story building
  • Keyword and Keyword Management on text in transcripts
  • How to use powerful filtering tools to find exactly the story beat you need
  • The efficiencies of keywording text instead of video
  • How having video (or audio) always available while editing text increases efficiency
  • How to create instant temp voice-over without a microphone
  • How the story script edit is a video edit with closed captions and lower thirds, with zero conform to FCPX.

Transcripts in any NLE are a complicated workflow, because no NLE, until Builder, has been designed for working with text. Builder NLE offers the convenience of word processing, combined with simultaneous editing video, to create a better way to work with transcripts that requires no expensive conforms.

Ideal for anyone who works with transcripts for documentary or reality TV production.

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