Lumberjack Stars at FCP X Virtual Summit

While Cirina, Greg and I all missed seeing and sharing meals with our many FCP X Family, 2020’s FCP X Virtual Summit was a very successful learning and networking opportunity.

Lumberjack’s Philip Hodgetts presented by Beyond Transcripts: Editing video with text, and For more efficient storytelling, move the logging out of the edit bay.

Telling the story of the origin of Lumberjack System.

But Lumberjack seemed to be everywhere during the conference.

James Branch used Lumberjack Live Logging for “Have I got News for You” in lockdown.


It’s no surprise that Lumberjack Builder NLE is part of Cirina Catania’s workflow.


Kim Furst said that when she first saw Lumberjack Builder NLE it “blew her mind”


Although showing a free workflow for Live Logging, Iain Anderson agreed that Lumberjack was a simpler and more unified solution.

The word is getting out, Lumberjack saves you money and gives you more time for what’s important.

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