Markers in Lumberjack Builder NLE Storylines Convey Edit Intent and Notes

Let me introduce you to a great new feature in the Storyline in Lumberjack Builder NLE: Markers. We can now add a Marker to any text block in the Builder Storyline, and they will become Red Sequence Markers in Premiere Pro, and To Do Markers in Final Cut Pro.

Markers are an easy way to share comments and notes about your intent for the story, or suggestions associated with the edit. 

When a single text block is selected in a Storyline, the new Add Marker button becomes active. You can optionally name the Marker or accept the default, and add text to the transcript field.

Markers are magnetic, so they move with the text block they’re connected to, although selecting the Marker directly lets it be moved to another Text Block, or deleted.

The Markers stick with text blocks if they’re returned to the Selects list, and will be with the Text Block when it’s added to a Story.

Of course, unlike Voice Over or Spacers, Markers are ignored during playback. 

Update to the latest version of Builder NLE from under the Builder menu (at top left of the menu bar) to use the new Add Marker feature.

Here’s how it works with Final Cut Pro

Here’s how it works with Premiere Pro

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