Builder 4: Free, High Quality & Unlimited Transcription, Improved Interface, Automatic Batch Creation

Today we released Builder version four, with unlimited, free transcription built into the app. It’s also secure because nothing leaves your computer. It’s all handled in the app, on your device. It’s something we’ve been working toward for a very long time.

So, here’s the background. Since 2008, Greg and I have been creating software to maximize workflow for many aspects of production and post production.

Used by major Television and Theatrical Studios as well as Independents, our solutions such as Sync-N-Link X and the XtoCC/SentToX translation tools have become an integral part of the creative workflow.

One of our flagship products is Builder, the best text-based editing solution available today.

In fact, we predate what you are now seeing as “AI driven speech to text.” Yep, we are futurists.

Builder is the only NLE optimized to edit stories from transcripts.


Just imagine a world where you can have unlimited transcriptions 

for FREE! Yes, FREE! 

And for those who need CONFIDENTIALITY & SECURITY 

for their client’s IP, the transcriptions are local,

generated on your computer from within your copy of Builder

NOT in the cloud.

We’re so excited about this, we’ll say it again…With Builder 4, transcripts happen lightning fast with 99% accuracy within the app itself for no additional cost to our Lumberjack family. And that means, that the transcripts do not depend on the cloud, something that will keep your security-minded clients happy! Plus it eliminates the need to hire transcriptionists. Saves $$$, saves time and maintains confidentiality of sensitive content.

In other words, if you are a LUMBERJACK SYSTEM member (only $15 per month on a yearly subscription), you get Builder 4 included included among the entire integrated suite of logging and pre-editing tools. If you have not yet joined our community try it for free for a month, get unlimited transcriptions and write great stories. I know you’ll love it.

Why are we doing this? I have been keenly aware that the cost of transcriptions, while easily accessible to our “big business” customers, has been a challenge for our independents, small businesses and family customers.

So here it is! A new and improved Builder with free transcriptions in 16+ languages!

Go HERE get all your questions answered and get the new Builder 4 now!

You and your clients will be very happy that you did. Your work will be more creative, faster and you can pass the savings on…or keep a bigger net for yourself (no one will know).

Questions? Just reply to this email and we’ll happily enter into the conversation with you!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Check out my blog, where I contemplate the implications of Builder breaking the “fast, good, cheap: pick two” paradigm with Builder 4. Now that transcripts are fast, good and free, the new paradigm is Fast, Great and Free.

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